Jeff Weber and The Embody Chair

At Optimal Performance we have no affiliation with any products whatsoever. We are asked to test products on a regular basis for which we use recognized ergonomic design standards. The Embody has been a top of list product in many applications with a varied population and varied job demands. The Embody is the real deal. Well done Herman Miller!

Workplace Resource Florida

It is definitely hyperbole, but technology has revolutionized the work place. However, that same technology has absolutely wreaked havoc on workers’ posture, and overall has had a net hindrance on their health.

While technology often forces us into uniquely uncomfortable and unhealthy positions, there is hope with the Embody Chair by Herman Miller. The Embody Chair literally has movement built into it, which allows the user to adjust their posture while still allowing for their regular productivity.

Watch the video below to learn more about the Embody Chair:

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