Aging Workers

On the topic of the ageing worker we should not limit our discussion to accidents and acute injuries. We need to extend this further to ergonomic/Universal design and its impact on ageing, disabled workers. When equipment, tools, processes, workplaces, lighting etc etc are designed with Universal Design priniciples in place ALL workers benefit with enhanced efficiencies, less human error and measureable improvements in productivity. The great thing about this is this extends to employees with disabilities, ageing workers, smaller stature workers and workers with lower levels of strength such as females.


Are there any specific health and safety concerns related to aging workers?

A few. Most studies say that older workers tend to have fewer accidents, but when an older worker does get injured, their injuries are often more severe. They also may take longer to get better. Plus, the types of injuries can be different. Younger workers tend to get more eye or hand injuries, while older workers who have been working for many years report more back injuries.

via Aging Workers : OSH Answers.

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