The real of meaning of access – on wheels or not

Great Blog to follow as it gives us the perspective of technology and IT and disability as well as getting to really understand the day to day travails of being disabled.


So what does the word “access” mean to you? Stop a moment and think about, it’s ok I’ll wait…I’m just writing this after all.

I’m a geek and a computer geek at that, so before all this happened, I usually looked at the word from that context…access to the interwebs, to accounts, to machines. I fully and freely admit, I never thought of it from a perspective of simply living life. Up until a year ago I never realized how much I was considering the word in such a miniscule and sideways context. Access is about something very basic, a fundamental principle that we all take for granted…until it’s taken away from us.

Now before I get into the deep and heavy philosophy let me explain what brought this up. Obviously, I’ve been learning a lot about what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to access for the…

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