If it’s not easy, they won’t use it!

Great read and the picture says it all! I recommend this Blog for my readers who need to learn more about intuitive design and ergonomics. JE Sleeth & the team at OPC-Ergo

Guy Osmond

I see lots of new products and many pre-production ideas.

I find that the problem with product designers making ergonomics claims is the conflict between a) the fact that ergonomics is such a holistic discipline; and b) the reality that many designers are focused on addressing one specific issue.  This may result in a design which is brilliant at addressing that one specific issue but ignores the others.

The effective application of ergonomics principles usually involves compromise. The real conundrum for the designer occurs when it becomes necessary to reduce functionality in order to improve usability. As I once said to a chair designer: “it doesn’t matter that this could fit 95% of users if 100% of users don’t understand how to adjust it”!

We see a regular flow of products with a sound concept and good execution but with a fundamental question about how people might use them unsupervised…

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