Disabled Employees can Forum Shop from WSIB to Human Rights, to Civil Suits to AODA; Be Prepared

OPC’s AODA Experts strongly recommend our clients and readers review this excellent article by 2 of the Labour Lawyers with Stringer LLP.

www.stringerllp.com/uploads/ckeditor/attachment_files/49/Forum Shopping a Growing Problem – Lawyers Weekly 2 March 2012 – JDS JNY.pdf

In case your HR, IT, Purchasing, Facility Management, Diversity Managers and Senior leaders think the AODA is not an issue to deal with or be cognizant of please read this article. The liabilities are real and this includes audits of workplaces by the Directorate which commenced January  of 2012.

And remember apart from each of these legal forums who will hear cases regarding lack of accommodation for disability there is also your company’s well developed corporate image and customer trust at risk by not undertaking all of the steps and processes required by AODA law.

We can help you sort through all of this at OPC as we have one of Canada’s top experts working with clients in Canada and the U.S.  To arrange a meeting with Olga Dosis and Jane Sleeth of OPC Inc please contact us at AODA@OptimalPerformance.ca or 416 860-0002

Accessibility and Universal Design represent huge and tangible ROI’s for your company.  When we meet with you we can show you how to optimize these returns.

JESleeth OPC Inc
Olga Dosis OPC Inc

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