Ontario Disabilities Act Creates Compliance Confusion – The Globe and Mail

Business whom we speak with are still not even aware of the CSS which was due January 2012. Reporting timelines have been changed but private business still needs to comply; and the next phase includes the Integrated Standards and Emergency Plans AODA-OPC.com to help clear up the confusion

Ontario disabilities act creates compliance confusion – The Globe and Mail

Have a read of this article and contact AODA@OptimalPerformance.ca or visit our website AODA-OPC.com ; our Strategic High level consulting expertise guarantees clarity on this topic and clarification about what steps your business must make to be in compliance and accessible to visitors, clients, customers, contractors and employees.

Our 21 years of experience in this field of expertise provides for value added to your business and success in your Diversity Programming.

Olga Dosis Senior Accessibility Consultant
Jane Sleeth Ergonomic and Strategic Consultant

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