JE Sleeth’s 4th Published book from Carswell; Psychological Illness, Mental Health & the Workplace: Canadian Trends & Return to Work Challenges

Psychological illnesses are present and have been present in various forms and manifestations in the workplace for as long as there have been workplaces. It is only recently that employers are starting to understand the size of the challenge and the potential costs, both human and financial. This book is intended to specifically address psychological illnesses and disabilities so that the employer, the manager or the union representative is able to understand the size and scope of the problem and be able to differentiate performance issues from bona fide psychological impairments. Most importantly this book is intended to help the HR professional, manager or supervisor to ensure that Disability Management Programs and Return to Work processes are integrated such that these illnesses are taken into account.This CLV Special Report features the following key topics:

• Canadian Trends and Return to Work Challenges
• The Legal Climate in Canada
• Definitions Related to Psychological Illness and Health
• Myths and Truths about Psychological Illness in the Workplace
• Why a Gap Exists between Psychological Healthcare Practices and the Workplace
• Psychological Illness and Poor Performance – The Chicken and the Egg Dilemma for HR
and Managers
• The Return to Work Program – Strategies for Successful Outcomes
• Case Studies
• Checklist Sample in Predicting Depression for Managers and HR Professionals

To purchase a copy of your book for reference in your DM and RTW programs please order through or contact us at

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