Jane E. Sleeth presents Workshop: Preventing Dis Ability and Absenteeism through Wellness, Ergonomic/Accessible Design & Disability Prevention

A growing concern in today’s workplace is the escalating cost of absenteeism and the serious problems affecting employees whereby their physical and mental health is negatively impacting job performance and/or the workplace is not supporting the health of the employee. Business cost factors such as decreased productivity, missed work hours, costs for retroactive corrective action and employee turnover need to be addressed. Studies on absenteeism rates show that up to 50% can be curbed by attending to employees’ physical and emotional health as well as providing accessible and ergonomic design. Companies with accessible/ergonomically designed workplaces, disability prevention and wellness programs have discovered that when employees are healthy, they work effectively and take far fewer days from the workplace for illness, injury and “mental health” days. Join this interactive workshop to learn how to create a healthy work environment at all levels in order to engage new and current employees while reducing the growing costs of absence and illness in your organization.

Course Highlights

  • Find out how leading organizations are successfully getting a handle on and reducing the costs of absenteeism
  • Discover strategies and tools that your front-line managers can use to deal with absenteeism
  • Get up to speed on the legal issues surrounding absenteeism management
  • Discover the latest trends and developments regarding wellness programs designed to minimize absenteeism

 For more information or to register for this course, click here.
March 28, 29 & 30, 2011 Toronto 

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