In OPC Inc’s Ergonomic, Human Factors and Accessible Design practice we find that many clients and even the general public are not aware of how these three areas of expertise are interrelated and necessary to have in place for the design of the workplace, buildings and websites to name a few. While ergonomics takes care […]

Following is recent correspondence which OPC Inc. has had with our clients as there are increasing “demands” from employees and their Physicians (by way of Doctors Notes) regarding Sit to Stand workstations. … is our opinion that a national strategy needs to take place for YOUR COMPANY along with the development of a Standards Document […]

Think the AODA compliance requirements won’t come to pass? Read this Blog by well known expert and speaker Jane Sleeth of Optimal Performance Consultants which outlines how large corporate penalties can reach $100,000 per diem.

Cubicles are isolating and soul-sucking. Open offices are noisy and distracting. Alex Bozikovic reports on a trend that both extroverts and introverts can get behind Sourced through from: A perfect example in this @GlobeandMail article as to how #architects #Interiordesigners do not take the time or invest in the expertise of #ergonomists who […]

Some of the top destinations for accessible holidays and disability-friendly locations to help you plan a hassle-free trip. Sourced through from: Hey @Toronto We hosted the @Parapangames last summer. Minimal legacy for Visitors Tourists with #Disabilities. We missed the boat. See on – Inclusive

Recently, I was asked about what employers are doing with sit-stand workstations and this prompted an overview of how I see the UK market at the moment. Whilst subjective, I hope it provides some useful indicators. In the United States, there has been a strong move to 100% sit-stand in new installations. As a result, this has… […]

If you missed the #BOMAToronto Breakfast Seminar yesterday, this was a well attended event with many questions about the role #FM #BuildOwners #BuildingManagers #A&D must now play. Time for #HR to pass along responsibility from their departments (we find HR are holding onto the AODA and not collaborating with the other team members who MUST […]

The latest phase of accessibility regulations in Ontario may concern employment standards, but facility managers have a role to play in compliance. Source: How FMs can support employment standards There are seats available for Tuesday Feb 9th BOMATO event. From 7:30 to 9:30 Jane Sleeth Principal and Head of Ergonomic & Universal Design at Optimal […]

2 posts published by Guy Osmond during January 2016 Sourced through from: Need to learn more about ergonomics and evidence based practice of ergonomics and human factors design? Read Guy Osmond’s posts.  OPC Inc. Designing to optimize human performance since 1991 See on – Inclusive

The REMI Network is a leading news and information source servicing the real estate management industry. Sourced through from: Michelle Ervin attended the sold out seminar by #OPCergo #optimalperformanceconsultants in January about the role of #FM #IT #Communications #HR in the new #IASR requirements of the AODA., Employment Stanadards. This article came from […]